Lefteris Kalamaras

Born 1970 in Athens, Greece, where he is residing once again, after spending ten years in the U.S.A where he studied and worked, receiving his B.A in Computer Science from Vassar College and several certifications in Finance, working in various top Wall Street firms writing trading software.

Apart from running NetGroup, his own software and network consulting business, he spent eight years as Technical Director and Lead Developer of PMDG, a group of developers producing specialized airliner aircraft simulations for MS Flight Simulator.

As Founding Member of VATSIM, the world leading online network of simulator pilots and controllers, he’s served as VP of Development and actively flies online to showcase and test our products.

Over his many years in the flightsim industry Lefteris was also honored by Microsoft by receiving their Most Valuable Professional status first in 2007, and again in 2008 and 2009.

Lefteris is happily married with Margarita and they have three kids – his daughter Athena and son Stefanos from his first marriage and Vassilis, the youngest, his step-son. He holds a Private Pilot’s license since 2001, flying Socata TB9s and Cessna 172s around the Greek islands when the weather is not too hot.
When time permits, he also spends some time playing basketball (always coming home with an injury, or so his wife thinks anyway). Lefteris maintains his Big, Fat, Greek Blog at blogger.com, so do go read it if you like, but please excuse him for not having updated it in a while!


Philippe Gleize

Born in 1980 and living near Paris, Philippe graduated as a Chemical Engineer and is currently working as a Financial Controller for a multinational utility company.

Philippe has also developed skills in physical modelling and C++ writing and practices them specializing in flight and physical model design based on latest literature.

When he is not working, Philippe enjoys raising his little boy James, socializing with friends, cycling, running and flying. He participates in several sports events that promote organ donation and has run several Paris marathons.

Philippe has logged several hundred hours in various GA aircraft such as Cessna, Robin and holds a frozen ATPL degree. He also has experience in aerobatic flying on CAP 10 and in gliding.

After successfully participating in the Concorde-X beta testing team, Philippe later became a Flight Sim Labs technical advisor on the Concorde-X, given the help he brought with its flight model design.

Philippe is very happy to have joined Flight Sim labs Ltd as a full member on the A3XX Master Series projects and looks forward to creating professional simulations products with the rest of the team.


Pavlos Michaelides

Born in 1983 and living in Athens, Pavlos is a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer, graduated in 2006 from University of Patras and is working towards his Ph.D. in the same University.

Pavlos joined Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. as a part-time consultant in 2011 working on the A3XX Master Series Flight Warning Computer logic sheet configurations.


Robert J. Lyddy

Born and reside in the USA outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Bob is the Director of Quality Assurance for a world wide financial firm, and has been in the IT Industry for 25+ years.

Bob is married to an incredible woman and together they have 3 boys.  The oldest son has left the hangar and is off pursuing his dreams in aviation as an A&P mechanic.  The other 2 sons are still at home with the middle son pursuing his passions as an automotive mechanic, and the youngest still attending school.

Bob has had a passion for aviation all of his life and started training for his private pilot license (PPL) back in the late 1980’s; when life intervened, the training was put on hold for the next 15yrs.  It wasn’t until 2004 when Bob finally earned his PPL after life had eased a bit and now enjoys flying Cessna 182’s and has the goal of obtaining his instrument and twin engine ratings in the somewhat near future.  Hopefully life’s surprises won’t make him wait another 15yrs.

Bob got into flight simming with the release of Terminal Reality’s Fly! and his passion for the hobby  has continually increased ever since.  His involvement with Flight Sim Labs dates back to 2010 when he was approached to gauge his interest in joining FSLabs as a tester for their upcoming A320X product.  After initial discussions and seeing the detailed ConcordeX Bob became quite impressed and enthusiastic to join the team.  In mid-2013 Bob was appointed QA Manager of FSLabs and has enjoyed every minute since.

Outside of work and flight simming, Bob enjoys spending time with his wife and sons, and any excuse to do some real world flying.


Andrew Wilson

Born in 1983, now living in Hampshire, England, Andrew is working for a multinational investment bank, writing trading software. Aside from this, he also runs SSTSIM, which offers a Concorde aircraft expansion product for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

When he’s not working he enjoys socialising with friends, cycling, squash and golf. He’s played the drums for over 15 years and plays regularly as a member of a small band. Andrew spends a lot of time listening to music whilst he work; his favourites include Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd and Mark Knopfler. He has also completed 25 hours towards his Private Pilot’s license.

Andrew started out in the days of Flight Simulator 4, and went on to create his own software expansions for Flight Simulator 5.1 and FS98, during which time his passion for Concorde developed, having seen the aircraft at a number of air shows.

Andrew is very excited to be a part of Flight Sim Labs Ltd. and looks forward to creating professional and immersive airline simulation products with the rest of the team.


Konstantinos Kioussis

Born 1981 in Athens, Greece, Kostas graduated from University of Portsmouth where he received his Bsc in Computer Science. He has significant experience in the software programming sector having held jobs as a programming tutor for a well known international technology learning center, an external contractor in a major Greek bank, as well as a senior developer in a prestigious software house. Kostas is now a full time consultant with Flight Sim Labs.

Kostas started simming in the early days (late 80s early 90s) and has gradually grown into full simulator module/expansion development.

He is happily married with Natasha with whom he has a child, Harris. He spends most of his spare time composing music and he is still into extreme sports (when his family and work obligations allow).


Margarita Fiotaki

Born and raised in Athens, currently living in Sparta, Greece. She has a degree in 3d animation and modelling and multimedia productions.  She is also a freelance art & graphics designer with over 7 years of experience in the graphic design industry.

Originally trained as an office manager, she had worked for over 10 years in the field of auditing & accounting before Margarita realized that her artistic nature was far stronger in calling.

Happily married to Lefteris Kalamaras, she has a son, Vassilis.  When there is time, she enjoys reading, painting, going to the theatre and most of all, tango dancing (her blog is here). She also spends some time visiting galleries and museums and she’s very fond of photography.

Margarita is very happy to be a part of Flight Sim Labs Ltd. and looking forward to provide her help and expertise to the rest of the team.

Markus Burkhard

Born in 1982 in Zurich, Switzerland, Markus is an ATC simulation and training specialist with the Swiss air traffic control provider.

His aviation career started with basic training as an air traffic controller, after which he joined the training department and helped developing ATC simulation, as well as doing training as an instructor, for more than ten years.

During this time he did some flight training on C172 and gained experience during various projects by flying and flight testing A320, A330, MD-11 and MD-80 Level-D full flight simulators.

He got into desktop flight simulation development as a technical advisor for the PMDG MD-11 project and joined Flight Sim Labs shortly after that project had finished.

Markus is a strong advocate of desktop flight simulation for professional use. He uses the top flight simulation software to maintain his instrument flying skills as well as for military flying procedures, which is also a part of his job with the Swiss ATC provider.  Therefore, Markus is very excited to be part of the team which will bring professional grade A3xx flight training software to the market.