Unique Features:

  • New virtual tablet system that can be accessed from any external device using a web browser. Experience a new dimension of flight simulation with a whole suite of included tools that will take your experiences to new heights.
  • Flight model and performance – experience the intricate details that differentiate the sharklet airframes from the conventional wing-tip-fence variants.
  • Increased lift gives better performance on takeoff and cruise, but more slippery on descent and landing. Additional consideration needs to be given to any significant crosswind component and the increased ground effect in the flare.
  • Extensive modelling and texturing shows the new wings in all their glory. Observe how the increased lift causes more flex in the wings.

Many of the worlds carriers that operate the A320-SL are available to download and install.

AVAILABLE NOW – all new on P3D v4.5HF3, as well as P3D v5!

Since its initial release, our flagship title, the Flight Sim Labs A320-X has pushed the boundaries of desktop flight simulation to new levels. We are happy to announce that we are pushing those boundaries even further with the release of our A320-SL for Prepar3D!

Built on a entirely new visual model – the A320-SL brings the latest technologies to flight simulation – including an electronic flight bag suite, accessible not only from within the virtual cockpit, but also from any external device using a web browser, adding a completely new dimension to the simulation experience. Equipped with a whole suite of tools available in the palm of your hands, the EFB not only increases situational awareness within the simulator but also allows for tasks such as flight planning, performance calculations and communications to be conducted without leaving the virtual flight deck.

The newly released aircraft carries an extensive list of changes to its predecessor – a completely new fuel system modeled on the newer ‘jet-pump’ design – new Fuel Quantity Indication Computer and Fuel Level Sensing  Control Unit components, Flight Warning Computers and SDAC updated to F9C standards. New ELAC L97+ computers featuring Load Alleviation Function and Anti-Aileron Droop. Updates to the Flight Management Computers – including a new ‘Jump Ahead’ feature for skipping down route.

Sound and lighting environments specific to the Sharklet airframes have been modeled both inside the cockpit/cabin – and also outside, with new LED lighting.

Particular attention has been given to the subtle differences in aircraft handling – increased lift generated from the 2.3-meter sharklet fins will see you out-climbing the rest of the Airbus fleet. They also extend the range and performance of the aircraft, making it ideal for short field operations.

The Flight Sim Labs A320-SL represents the latest effort in simulating a modern-day airliner – now you can experience the thrill of flying one of the most popular airframes in our skies today.

For more information, visit our FSLabs A320-X forum here.

For entertainment purposes only.

AIRBUS, its logo and product & service marks are registered trademarks of Airbus.

All rights reserved. Officially licensed by Airbus.

System requirements:

A320-X for Prepar3D v4.5+ or v5 purchased and installed already.

PC hardware (Apple Macs not supported).

Windows 10 1903 64bit required. Minimum 16GB RAM.

CPU: Minimum: 6500, Recommended 8000 Passmark CPU Mark Score

Graphics Card: Minimum 5000, Recommended 6500 Passmark GPU Mark Score.

P3Dv5 Graphics Card Memory: Minimum 6GB, Recommended 10GB

NOT for MS Flight Simulator 2020

Prepar3D v4.5HF3 (for the A320-SL for P3Dv4), Prepar3D v5 (for the A320-SL for P3Dv5)

The A320-SL is now compatible with Prepar3D v5!

NOTE: Minimum settings allow the aircraft to load and operate but you’ll need to make compromises in scenery settings to get adequate performance.

Not suitable for people with blindness.

For your PC needs Flight Sim Labs recommends:

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  • You will need to run your simulator with administrator privileges. P3Dv4.5HF3/v5 are supported.
  • Activation of this product will take place automatically if your PC is connected to the Internet, or using a manual process if you wish to run the product offline on a separate computer. The computer running the A320-SL is required to be connected to the Internet for periodic serial number validation.
  • Uninstall the product before changing hardware, in order to reclaim the activation for your serial number.
  • Please make backups of the installer executable immediately after you download.
  • Images shown may include third party products such as Tomatoshade, GSX etc.


Complete 2D panel set accompanies a fully modeled Virtual Cockpit with high resolution textures.
Two variants modeled, thousands of animated parts with custom effects and ultra high definition textures – read any of the airframe labels, no matter how small!
A truly unique and immersive sound experience – utilising hundreds of recordings from the real aircraft.
Both CFM 565B4 and IAE V2527A are simulated to incredible detail; realistic startup times, spool speeds, fuel burn, sounds and effects.
Features custom ground friction models to simulate proper ground handling (single engine taxi). Brake models tuned to match real world performance in all weather environments
Over 60,000 electrical components are simulated and connected via simulated electrical and data driven networks. Every aircraft component within the Fuel, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems has been modeled, making the aircraft feel alive.
Dual FMGS that follows the ARINC 424-19 specification in detail and faithfully simulateslateral and vertical flight path guidance.
Complete flight control system, featuring Normal Law, Alternate Law, Abnormal Attitude Law, Direct Law and Mechanical Backup. The Fly-By-Wire system faithfully represents the feeling of flying the real world aircraft – which any Airbus pilot can testify.