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*NEW* – Now supports the CPFlight MCP747 and EICAS hardware!

NOTE: This product is for FSX ONLY – for product details on the Flight Simulator 2004 interface, click HERE.

Specialized driver software to allow owners of CPFlight’s MCP, MCPPro and EFIS hardware units to interface their MCP hardware with the PMDG 747-400X line of simulations.

- Requires CPFlight MCP or MCPPro hardware unit with optional EFIS module(s).

This interface allows owners of CPFlight’s MCP or MCPPro hardware to interface their MCP with the PMDG 747-400X for FSX simulation product. Purchaser must already own and have installed a CPFlight MCP or MCPPro with optional EFIS module(s) in order to use this driver. Requires that the user also have installed the PMDG 747-400X airliner addon for FSX.

Purchasing this interface will allow the user to connect any MCP, MCPPro and optional EFIS module to the PMDG 747-400X product line on Flight Simulator X.

This try-before-you-buy downloadable driver provides a fully working, area-limited (around Greece’s Venizelos airport) version which can become fully enabled by purchasing a license key.


With an activated license key, the product becomes fully operating globally inside Flight Simulator X. Instructions on how to purchase are included by hitting the “Purchase” button within the driver user interface.

You can find and download the Installer for the CPFlight MCPPro-X driver HERE.


Available now for EUR 59.95 + VAT (where applicable).

Instructions on how to purchase are included by hitting the “Purchase” button within the driver user interface.

* The online purchase function will only become active when a connection with the hardware unit is successfully made and a hardware serial number is automatically found. The online purchase is 100% secure using our eSellerate electronic shop partnership and once the purchase is complete, the user can immediately generate a license key using our online generator web page. Please use caution, and email us if you require assistance!


* This product requires Windows XP or Vista (32 or 64bit), Flight Simulator X and the PMDG 747-400X to run, in addition to the CPFlight MCP, MCPPro and optional EFIS hardware.

* If you need support for this driver interface product, please look in our Knowledge Base here.


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